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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Inspiration Ingredients for 06.13.14: Goat Cheese / Dark Chocolate / Apple / Almond / Sea Salt

- And the Winner Is -
Goat Cheese / Dark Chocolate / Apple / Almond / Sea Salt
Hitting the Ovens on 06.13.14

With 54% of the vote, call it a landslide... call it voter fraud... but whichever ingredient combination you were pulling for, this one is definitely a combination nature never intended (but probably should have).

Apple, Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt (Not Pictured in Class Photo: Almond and Goat Cheese)

With a weakness for all things goat cheese, I have no plans to initiate a recount. Let the chads dangle where they may, because it's time to get back to the kitchen.

Mondays are Farmer's Market days in Union Square. So as soon as yours truly finishes his morning baking duties (4am wake up!), it's southbound to check out The Butterfield Farm @promotethegoat, specialists in goat cheese. I'm going to the experts on this one.

Check back on Tuesday to see comes of this field trip and for the first preview of what to expect for this Friday's reveal.

Thanks to Seth K. for this submission. 
Sir, brace yourself for Friday's delivery!

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Other Simmering Suggestions:

  • Salmon / Capers / Donuts (Alex W.)
  • Pistachio / Curry / Coconut Milk (Billy F.)
  • Meyer Lemon / Saffron / Cardamom / Mango / Ginger (TJ D.)
  • Sausage / Apple / Maple (Amy T.)
  • Orange / Chocolate / Almond (Chet F.)
  • Financier / Croissant (Rochelle U.)
  • Goat Cheese / Sun Dried Tomato / Nut (Beth R.)
  • Peanut Butter / Bacon (Kate N.)
  • Potato / Mustard Seed / Gruyere (Caeli R.)
  • Bacon / Dark Chocolate (Leslie G.)
  • Cayenne / Ginger / Dark Chocolate (Tessa L.)

  • Want to add your ideas to the list? 
    Send me an email or leave a comment.

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