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Monday, June 23, 2014

Inspiration Ingredients for 06.27.14 - Meyer Lemon / Mango / Saffron / Ginger / Cardamom

- And the Winner Is -
Meyer Lemon / Mango / Saffron / Ginger / Cardamom
Hitting the Ovens on 06.27.14

Now, isn't that a sexy looking list of ingredients? This one certainly falls into the "possibilities are endless" category.  

And seeing as the list includes two of the three most expensive spices in the world (#1. Saffron #2. Vanilla and #3. Cardamom), I think I will be planning an afternoon trip to Kalustyan's, NYC spice emporium giant. 

Is it weird to say I love smelling things?

It probably is. No matter! Expect some live Instagram shots @BreadChefMark

Meyer Lemon - Originally posted to Flickr as Meyer Lemon, Debra Roby
Meyer Lemon
Mango and cross section - Wikipedia
Cardamom pods - Wikipedia, Stephantom
Saffron - Wikipedia, Moka2002n
Ginger - Wikipedia, Frank C. Müller, Baden-Baden

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