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Friday, June 13, 2014

The Angry Goat - "The Billy Goats Gruff, brimming with stuff"

You'd be more than a little grumpy too if someone 
stuffed you full of this much dark chocolate truffle ganache, 
goat cheese cream and apple chutney. 

But it's delicious anger... with a vanilla almond glaze...

The Angry Goat 
"The Billy Goats Gruff, brimming with stuff"
Baked 06.13.14

Angry Goat plated side shot

Goat Cheese / Dark Chocolate / Apple / Almond / Sea Salt

Requested by
Seth K.

Five inspiration ingredients? Maybe there should be a limit... nah, keep 'em coming!

So, what is "The Angry Goat"?

Well, it's not quite a bread and it's not quite a cake. Call it a Fig Newton-esque identity crisis ("It's not a cookie, it's fruit and cake!").

But since the French have a specific name for everything edible, rest assured they know exactly what to call it - Brioche!

Brioche: a yeast dough that is shown additional love in the form of butter and sugar. This light, soft and sweet dough is a sturdy yet tender foundation for the litany of inspiration ingredients.

This particular Brioche is rolled into long, thin sheets (a rather unconventional preparation) onto which the chocolate truffle ganache, goat cheese cream and apple chutney are piped in three distinct regions. The dough is then rolled into a loaf, and each loaf is scored (to help the rising process) and washed with egg yolk (to produce an amazing, deep blonde finish).

When baked, the chocolate truffle ganache takes on a brownie-like consistency. The goat cheese cream transforms into a rich custard. And the apple chutney just can't help but ooze throughout the entire mix, tying all the flavors together.

Overfill these loafs and they will explode -- spectacularly.

Once cooled, each loaf is coated with a vanilla glaze and toasted almonds. A dusting of sea salt and paprika serves as the savory finale for the whole affair.

Amazing either hot or cold, at nearly three-quarters of a pound each, they're perfect to slice and share - or not. It's your call.

Come back this Sunday for all of the recipes

- The Finished Product -

Angry Goat plated overhead shot

Kitchen while making the "Angry Goat"

Cooling trays of Angry Goat

Close-up of Angry Goat

Cross-section of unglazed Angry Goat

Rows of finished Angry Goats

Closeup on rows of finished Angry Goats

Close up of finished Angry Goat with Logo

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