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Friday, June 6, 2014

The Raspberry Midnight - "A chocolate, raspberry, graham trifecta"

The Raspberry Midnight
"A chocolate, raspberry, graham trifecta"
Baked 06.06.14

When I initially thought of the name "Raspberry Midnight", it was intended as a playful, if not particularly inspired, nod to the combination with dark chocolate.

After a week of developing these recipes, it seems more like a reference to cooking into the early morning hours for several days in a row.
And when you try them out, email me your thoughts or leave a comment! 

There was a lot of testing to get these right. That extremely chewy graham cracker cake texture... the temperamental egg and flour ratios for the raspberry curd filling... and that chocolate crust weaving process (what was I thinking!)

Eat these with love!

For this creation, I will be posting the detailed recipes so you can try them at home. What's great about this confectionery trifecta is that each of the layers is a great dessert on its own. So if you're looking to walk before you run, start by giving just one of them a try!

Final Raspberry Midnight dessert
Raspberry / Chocolate / Graham

Requested by

Kata B.

- The Finished Product -

Uncut Raspberry Midnight

Raspberry Midnight Cross Section

Rows of individual Raspberry Midnights

Rows of individual Raspberry Midnights

Raspberry Midnight close up

Stacked Raspberry Midnights

Stacked Raspberry Midnights

- The Components -
& Recipes

Check back this weekend for all the details!

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