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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Upcoming: Ten Cookie Hacks to Customize any Recipe

Upcoming: Ten Cookie Hacks to Customize any Recipe

This coming week, I'm cracking the cookie code - breaking down the "what" and "how" for these venerable treats so that you can customize any recipe to achieve personalized cookie perfection. Make your cookies do exactly what you want them to do!

Tower of Peanut Butter Cookies

"It's science!"

The nerd in me loves this stuff. Tweaking recipes to make your perfect cookie - it's all about knowing what the recipe variables are and how you can adjust them.

Not interested in geeking out? You just want to whip up a batch of triple-chunk marshmallow and peanut butter cookies and be done with it? 

No worries! I'll be keeping it straight and simple - ten bite-sized cookie hacks over the course of the week.

So what's in store?

Ten Cookie Hacks to Customize Any Recipe:

  1. Flour - "It's not all 'All Purpose'"
  2. Flour Alternatives - "You say 'Flour', I say 'Potato Starch and Peanut Butter'"
  3. Fat - "Butter & beyond"
  4. Eggs - "An ingredient in three parts"
  5. Sugar - "To be sweet in so many ways"
  6. Leavening - "... or why baking soda is not the same as baking powder"
  7. Mixing Techniques - "Your KitchenAid has 8 settings for a reason"
  8. Add-Ins - "Chips & chunks"
  9. Dough Aging - "With age comes wisdom... and flavor"
  10. Baking - "Not everything goes in a 350 degree pre-heated oven, thank you very much"

And on Friday, it all ends with the recreation of a cookie classic!

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