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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Update 1: Mille Crepe Cake

Update 1: Mille Crepe Cake

It's a good thing that crepes are so delicious, because all I did yesterday evening was make crepe after crepe after crepe. Damn, the Mille Crepe Cake certainly stands as a monument to one's dedication to the frying pan!

Mille Crepe Cake Tower

Making all of those layers not only perfected my crepe making technique (it's all in the wrist!), it also led to a few changes to the base recipe.

Traditional crepes, while very thin, are still relatively thick when you think about stacking them 20 or more high, all while slathering healthy portions of pastry cream between each layer. Increasing the ratio of milk and butter helped make for the thinnest crepes possible.

I also had another epiphany last night -- somewhere around crepe 34. Why not make two very different versions of this towering cake: one sweet and one savory?

Cue the maniacal laughter!

Dorito and Oreo Cookie Crepe Cakes

The Sweet Mille Crepe

Mille Crepe Cakes typically settle on one flavor of filling and stick with it, layer upon layer. And rightly so. Who is going to argue against a cake loaded with delicious vanilla pastry cream?


Why not try a few different fillings in the same cake? I'm thinking salted caramel, chocolate cream and... hmm... why not introduce a little crunch by adding layers of Oreo Cookie Crumble?

Now that is Double Stuffed!

Oreo Cookie Crepe Cake

The Savory Mille Crepe

Traditional crepes aren't just for brunch or dessert. Savory fillings make for equally fantastic entrees.

...which got me thinking, why have I never seen savory Mille Crepe Cakes?

The answer still eludes me.

But tell me this isn't the most amazing idea ever: Dorito Taco Mille Crepe Cake.

I'm thinking about stacked layers of seasoned beef, refried beans, sour cream, pepper jack cheese, chipotle salsa, fresh cilantro... and Dorito dust!

And unlike the sweet Mille Crepe, which is cooked and assembled, I think this savory version would be awesome if it were cooked again before serving -- baked to melt all of that taco-favored goodness into the most unbelievable of culinary hybrids!

Dorito Crepe Cake

More to come later this week!

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