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Friday, August 1, 2014

Update 2: Pate a Choux Ice Cream Sandwiches

Update 2: Pate a Choux Ice Cream Sandwiches

Pate a Choux Ice Cream Sandwiches - they've evolved into a real summer treat for the grown-ups (and by that, I mean 14% alcohol by volume).

It's all coming together. A pinch of this... a few fistfuls of that. So far, I have turned out six test batches of Pate a Choux puff pastries: more sugar, less egg, stuffed with berries, mixed with chocolate...

Chocolate Pate a Choux Puff Pastry

...in the end, an ever-so-slightly sweet chocolate pastry with blueberries stood out from the crowd. It will be the perfect vehicle for part II - the ice cream!

Blueberry Filled Chocolate Pate a Choux Puff Pastry

What goes into a decidedly adult pint of ice cream?

How does this flavor combination sound?

Chateau Simon Sauternes Ice Cream with Lemon Poppy, White Truffle and Raspberry.

This ice cream is as amazing as it sounds. The Chateau Simon Sauternes is a extremely full-flavored dessert wine from Bordeaux that holds its own in the creamy French-style (i.e. custard based... but more on that later) ice cream. A touch of lemon adds to the acidic brightness of the wine, while the earthy white truffle complements the richness of the ice cream base.

If that weren't enough, swirls of raspberry are there to remind you that it's still summer (at least for a few more weeks!)

Chateau Simon Sauternes with Poppy and Raspberries

Look for the finished product and all of the recipes this weekend (my pace will depend on how much I dip into the ingredients as I go!)

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