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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Update 1: Viennoiserie

Update 1: Viennoiserie

Viennoiserie - croissants, brioche, danish and turnovers - oh, those yeast-leaven, butter & sugar enriched delectables! 

Choices... choices...

In the end, I decide this week's project would be a take on the Danish.

A Cherry Filled Danish

A Danish, (also known as Weinerbrod or "Viennese Bread") is similar to a croissant in that it is made from a laminated yeast-dough for a flaky, multi-layered pastry. The addition of fruit preserves, sweet creams and glazed toppings are what make these pastries particularly fantastic. What fillings and toppings are on my menu? We shall see...

I've always found the term "Laminated Dough" to be extremely unappetizing, as if it were a product you could find at Home Depot.

But laminating dough is pretty amazing. The process begins by wrapping a cold square of butter in dough. The dough is then rolled into a rectangle and folded over itself, like a business letter. Each fold, known as a "turn", creates layers of dough and butter. The process is repeated until literally hundreds of dough and butter layers are formed - layers that, when baked, create that signature flakiness.  

More to come later this week!

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