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Monday, December 29, 2014

Best of 2014: The Recipe Redo Vote

- Best of 2014 -

The Recipe Redo Vote!

Voting ended 01/02/15 at Midnight - Check out the winner here! 

There's always room for improvement...

There's no denying, 2014 has been busy for Outside of the Breadbox. After all, the blog didn't even exist at this time last year, and I was still an Investment Banker.

That just makes the past year all to more amazing: the blog, tons of recipes, hundred of photos, thousands of followers (thanks, everyone!!), and of course, a world of newly acquired pastry knowledge as a student at The International Culinary Center.

For a bit of year end fun, I thought it would be interesting to revisit some of those pre-culinary school recipes. They were decent... I was trying to be creative... but I know they can be dramatically improved upon with a year of lessons learned.  

On the ballot are four of my personal favorite recipes... all of which pre-date culinary school. Place your vote for the recipe that gets the revamp! 

Or maybe you'd simply prefer to just see a brand new creation. If so, let me know!

The Raspberry Midnight

"A chocolate, raspberry, graham trifecta!"

Profile: Chocolate / Raspberry / Graham

A triple layered bar of chewy graham cake, raspberry curd and a woven chocolate crust.

Profile: Goat Cheese / Dark Chocolate / Apple / Almond / Sea Salt

The aggressive flavor combination of paprika infused dark chocolate ganache, goat cream cheese and spicy apple chutney -- all wrapped in a buttery brioche loaf.

"Apricots never had it so good."

Profile: Apricot / Pecan / Caramel

A personal favorite: a hybrid confection that's part buttermilk biscuit and part french macaron. But the best part is the flavor combination of tart apricot, warm lemon thyme and rich pecans.... all doused in a sweet caramel glaze.

"Worth its weight in gold... or close enough."

Profile: Meyer Lemon / Mango / Saffron / Cardamom / Ginger

A relatively early plated-dessert creation: given all of the components, there's plenty of room for revision with this mango-saffron custard tart topped with cardamom crumble and ginger meringue.

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