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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Culinary School - Session 83: Marshmallow, Rocky Road, Peppermint Patties and Branchlis

Culinary School: Session 83 (03.09.15)

Marshmallow, Rocky Road, Peppermint Patties and Branchlis

The man who can make his own Marshmallow is a king...

...but the man who can make his own Peppermint Patties is a god!

If I had known as a child that one day these hands would possess the power to turn out Peppermint Patties by the dozen, my sugar-addled brain probably would have exploded in a mess of Chocolate and Caramel

But no magic wand is required. Just give me a wooden spoon and a lot of sugar as we continue to make an assortment of confections that are perfect for enrobing in Chocolate.

Coffee Flavored Marshmallows for Rocky Road

- Ingredients Running Tally -

Ingredients used to date (03.09.15):
  • Flour: 24,240g
  • Eggs: 15,850g (317x)
  • Sugar: 24,515g
  • Butter: 15,740g
  • Milk/Cream: 16,020g
  • Chocolate: 5,030g (since 01.12.15)

    - The Recipes -



    Love it or hate it, Marshmallow is a truly unique confection. Like many gooey pastry products, it is made by whipping egg whites with sugar into a Meringue. But the signature texture of Marshmallow comes from the addition of gelatin, which also stabilizes the product at room temperature.

    Focus Technique:
    Adjusting the Consistency of the Marshmallow: Like most whipped products, and certainly any Meringue, the consistency of Marshmallow can be changed dramatically by how much it is whipped. Less whipping will result in a softer, more liquid product similar to Marshmallow Fluff (which may or may not be eaten directly from the container in my household). Continue whipping, and the Marshmallow will become denser. Other factors, such as the heat of the sugar used to make the Meringue and the amount of gelatin added to stabilize the Marshmallow, will also factor into the final consistency. 

    Warm Whipped Marshmallow

    Marshmallow Spread to Cool

    Coffee Flavored Marshmallows for Rocky Road


    Rocky Road

    Chocolate covered mounds of Marshmallow and Roasted Peanuts: these candies are the fun-loving cousin to Rochers.


    Peppermint Patties

    Mint-flavored discs of Poured Fondant coated in Chocolate. A gift of the gods. Manna from heaven!

    Focus Technique:
    Drying Poured Fondant: Poured Fondant is a sugar-based icing that is frequently used to top Petits Fours Glace and Eclairs. When used as a glaze, it is critical that Poured Fondant never be heated above 100 degrees Fahrenheit. If it is, the product will dry out and lose its desired shine. However, when used as the filling to Peppermint Patties (in combination with mint flavoring), Poured Fondant should be heated to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. The higher heat helps to dry the piped mint discs and gives the filling a thicker texture.  

    Peppermint Patties Centers Setting

    Peppermint Patties Centers to be Coated in Chocolate



    Logs of Gianduja coated in a mixture of Cocoa Nibs and Dark Chocolate.

    Focus Technique:
    Piping Temperature-Sensitive Chocolate: With Chocolate, the difference between an oozing mess and a solid lump is a matter of just a few degrees. With Branchlis, melted Chocolate must be piped at the exact moment when it is solid enough to retain its form when piped onto a sheet tray, yet soft enough to be smoothly and evenly squeezed from the piping bag. For this particular filling, the "sweet spot" is 73 degrees Fahrenheit (how's that for specificity?)


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