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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Culinary School - Session 86: Cherry Cordials and Two-Tiered Chocolate Cake

Culinary School: Session 86 (03.16.15)

Cherry Cordials and Two-Tiered Chocolate Cake

The last, lonely Bonbon in the Chocolate Box...

Time for one last batch of Chocolate Bonbons... then it's off to yet another Chocolate Showpiece. 

The candy of choice? The Cherry Cordial.

Based on countless vocal opinions (both inside and outside of the classroom... and mostly unsolicited), it is very clear that this is a polarizing Bonbon. Those who like the treat are in the distinct minority. They face critics who argue that the Fondant and Kirschwasser-based filling is too sweet and oddly boozy. These cordial-critics are also quick to note that the fluid filling is somewhat messy and not suitable for multiple-bite Bonbons.  

Love it or leave it, these Cherry Cordials made for a more interesting conclusion to Bonbons than would have been the case with another simple Ganache.

This session also included a Two-Tiered Chocolate Cake... but this was just an edible canvass onto which several final Chocolate techniques were applied, namely making Chocolate Bands and Chocolate Cages.

Interior of a Cherry Cordial

- Ingredients Running Tally -

Ingredients used to date (03.16.15):
  • Flour: 24,535g
  • Eggs: 16,000g (320x)
  • Sugar: 25,090g
  • Butter: 16,020g
  • Milk/Cream: 16,845g
  • Chocolate: 7,000g (since 01.12.15)

    - The Recipes and Techniques -


    Cherry Cordials

    More than just Chocolate covered fruit, these boozy Bonbons are filled with brandy soaked Cherries and a sweet mixture of Fondant and Kirschwasser.

    Kirschwasser is a colorless fruit brandy typically produced through a double-distillation of Morello Cherries. When mixed with Fondant, it forms a very fluid (and very sweet) Bonbon filling. Over time, the filling becomes even more liquid as the Fondant breaks down inside of the Chocolate. Ideally, Cherry Cordials are made at least a week before serving. 

    Focus Technique:
    Working with Liquid Fillings: The fluid Cherry Cordial filling presents a unique set of challenges. First, if the Cherries are simply placed in the Bonbon molds and then covered with the Fondant filling, they will float to the top of the molds and it will not be possible to get a secure seal on the Bonbons. The Cherries can be secured in the molds by first piping a small amount of tempered Chocolate at the bottom of each mold and then placing the Cherries on top. 

    The fluid filling may also make it more difficult to get a clean seal on the bottom of the Bonbons. Special care must be taken to not overfill the molds, leaving sufficient room for the Chocolate that will form the base of the Bonbons. 

    Bonbon Molds Dyed with Red Cocoa Butter Color

    Bonbon Molds for Cherry Cordials Filled with Chocolate

    Brandy Soaked Cherries in Bonbon Molds for Cherry Cordials

    Bonbon Molds filled with Fondant and Kirschwasser

    Bonbon Molds filled with Fondant and Kirschwasser

    Cherry Cordials

    Interior of a Cherry Cordial


    Two-Tiered Chocolate Cake 

    This Two-Tiered Chocolate Cake is made from a high-ratio batter and layered with a whipped Chocolate Ganache. However, the cake was really just a canvass for applying Chocolate Bands and a Chocolate Nest, two more techniques to round out the Chocolate curriculum.

    Focus Technique:
    - Chocolate Band: It is possible to finish a cake by wrapping a thin piece of tempered Chocolate around the exterior. Tempered Chocolate is poured onto a piece of acetate (an extremely smooth, plastic sheet), spread very thin and allowed to partially set. While the Chocolate is still pliable, the piece of acetate is wrapped around the cake. When the Chocolate fully sets, the acetate is removed revealing a cake with a shiny finish of tempered Chocolate. 
    - Chocolate Nest: Similar to a Chocolate Band, a Chocolate Nest is a decoration that wraps around the circumference of a cake. For the Nest, Chocolate is piped onto acetate in a series of horizontal and vertical hashes. Whereas the Chocolate Band was solid, the Chocolate Nest leaves a series of gaps so that the cake is partially visible through the Chocolate decor. 

    Top Tier of Layered Chocolate Ganache Cake

    Tiers for Layered Chocolate Ganache Cake

    Two-Tiered Layered Chocolate Ganache Cake with Chocolate Band Decorations

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