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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Culinary School - Session 100: Wedding Cake Day 4

Culinary School: Session 100 (04.20.15)

Wedding Cake Day 4

What's left to say...

After four days dedicated to a single cake, it was difficult to do anything other than let out an overdue sigh of relief and cut in for a slice.

In the end, I was decently satisfied with the outcome: a design that was decidedly modern, clean execution, and thankfully no mishaps along the way. It's hard to ask for more than that.

I couldn't help but memorialize the cake with an absurd number of photos (even by my standards), so enjoy!

But perhaps equally momentous is the fact that this was the 100th session in Culinary School. Only 20 classes remain, all of which are dedicated to modern individual plated desserts! 

I'm sure they will fly by!

Final Wedding Cake

- Ingredients Running Tally -

Ingredients used to date (04.20.15):
  • Flour: 25,625g
  • Eggs: 17,100g (342x)
  • Sugar: 36,600g
  • Butter: 18,135g
  • Milk/Cream: 17,575g
  • Chocolate: 9,000g (since 01.12.15)

    - The Project -


    The Wedding Cake Project

    Day Four of the Wedding Cake Project was focused on decorating the top tier, assembling the individual components (including stacking the tiers!) and final touch-ups. 

    Applying hundreds of gelatin-based sequins to the top tier using tweezers was an unbelievably painstaking process. Fortunately, the final outcome was worth it, making for a very art-deco styled tier.

    Gelatin Sequins

    Decorating the Top Tier with Gelatin Sequins

    Gelatin Sequin Decorated Top Tier

    There could be no mistaking the theme. The final cake was undeniably modern. 

    The decision to go with a black and white design helped to keep things simple, while the bright Sugar Paste Flowers added just enough of a hint of color to keep things interesting. 

    Stacked Wedding Cake

    Assembling the Sugar Paste Flower Bouquet

    Somewhat amazingly, there were no major changes from the original design. Everything came together as hoped (and on schedule!)

    Final Wedding Cake with Original Design

    Final Wedding Cake

    Overhead View of Final Wedding Cake

    Overhead View of Final Wedding Cake

    In prior years, students decorated Styrofoam "dummies" rather than real cakes. Working with a real cake makes for a significantly more challenging assignment. While you are focusing on executing a perfect design, you have to remain extremely conscious of the most important part (in my opinion): the quality of the cake within.

    Part of the final judging criteria was how well the cakes were baked, frosted and tiered. I'd say this one came out pretty close to perfect.

    Layers of Cake in the Bottom Tier

    Final Wedding Cake with Slice Removed

    As Wedding Cakes go, for a first attempt, it could have been a lot worse. I tip my hat to those who do this for a living. It certainly requires the patience of a saint. 

    And next time, remind me to think twice about decorating with tiny dots...

    Final Wedding Cake

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